Learn to Swim Availabilities
Welcome to the Westbourne Learn to Swim availability page. We have a live booking system, the availabilities that you see listed is a guide only. Every Monday, the website will be updated to display what we currently have available.

Last updated : Thursday the 12th of March 2020

Penguin Saturday 9.30am
Seal Saturday 10am,10.30am
Sea Horse Monday 4.30pm,5pm, 5.30pm
Tuesday 5pm,5.30pm
Wednesday 4.30pm
Thursday 4pm,5pm
Friday 4.30pm
Saturday 10.30am,


Tuesday 4.30pm
Wednesday 4pm
Saturday 10am


Navy Monday 4.30pm,5pm,5.30pm
Tuesday 5pm
Wednesday 4pm,4.30pm,5pm,5.30pm
Thursday 5.30pm
Friday 4.30pm,6pm
Saturday 9am,9.30am,11.00am


Green Monday 4pm,5pm,5.30pm
Tuesday 4pm,4.30pm,5.30pm
Wednesday 4pm,4.30pm,5pm,6pm
Thursday 4.30pm,5pm,5.30pm
Friday 4.30pm,5pm
Saturday 9am,9.30am


Yellow Monday 4.30pm,5.30pm
Tuesday 4.30pm,5.30pm
Wednesday 5pm, 5.30pm,6pm
Thursday 4.30pm,5.30pm
Friday 4pm,4.30pm,5pm,5.30pm
Saturday 10am,10.30am


Bronze Monday 4pm,5pm
Tuesday 5.30pm
Thursday 5.30pm
Friday 4.30pm,5.30pm
Saturday 10.30am


Silver Monday
Tuesday 5pm
Thursday 5pm
Friday 5pm


Gold Monday 4.30pm,5.30pm
Wednesday 6pm
Thursday 4.30pm,5pm
Friday 5pm,6pm


Teens Beginner Monday 5pm
Wednesday 6.30pm
Thursday 4pm


Teens Intermediate Thursday 4.30pm
Friday 6pm
Adult Beginner Tuesday 6pm,6.30pm
Friday 6.30pm
Saturday 9am,11am


Adult Intermediate Tuesday 6.30pm
Mini Squad Monday 4pm
Thursday 4pm,5pm
Friday 5pm,6pm
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To either enrol into our program or request a reschedule, please contact SAC reception on 97319514 or email reception.sac@westbourne.vic.edu.au